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Award Winning Developments at Nuseed

Alex Clayton, Nuseed Global Business Development Lead, Carinata (Pictured on news page receiving the Avril Raw Material Biodiesel Award) says:

“Having Nuseed’s global footprint and connection to growers is really going to enable carinata to scale rapidly to become a major low-carbon fuel feedstock. Grown as a cover crop it doesn’t compete with food production, and unlike waste-based biofuels, we can produce an expanding, reliable supply.”

“We’ve removed major barriers to sustainable low-carbon fuel, are increasing commercial production with growers, and have initial off-take agreements with end-use customers. We are demonstrating that carinata is a very real and viable solution to reducing greenhouse gas emission through both emission reduction and carbon sequestration. Nuseed is poised to make a huge global difference in ag and the environment and that is truly exciting.”

Eleanor Lee, Specialty Oils Operations Manager, Nuseed Australia, says:
“We are really excited for the growth opportunity that will come from our two new commercial Monola varieties, for release in 2020. “They will deliver value to the grower and oil customers, with both a stable oil profile and increased yield, resulting in a competitive advantage in the high-oleic segment.”

Clint Munro, Nuseed Global Lead, Omega-3 Supply Chain, says:
“Signing a major toll crush agreement with ADM was a major milestone. The trials completed previously at a pilot-scale plant confirmed that we could crush Nuseed omega-3 canola at a large-scale commercial plant with only minor adjustments to operating parameters to maintain oil quality and shelf life. This will optimize oil yields and reduce the overall cost to produce Nuseed omega-3 proprietary products: Aquaterra® and Nutriterra®.”

“Manufacturing is a key component to the success of the business and this agreement secures this step in the value chain. It’s going to be very exciting as we replicate this success to scale up production.”

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