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Value Beyond Yield at Nuseed

Clint Munro, Nuseed Global Lead, Omega-3 Supply Chain, says: “It’s quite unique in the canola industry that the same company that develops the genetics is the same company selling the oil to the end customer.

“There are many steps along the way to achieving that, from grower contracting, regulatory, harvesting and storage, to the rail system, shipping to crush, actual crushing itself and quality management. By developing or customizing our Nuseed Value Chain the focus at every step is to add value beyond just the yield of the crop.

“Nuseed omega-3 canola provides a new market for growers in Montana, for example, where they currently do not have a local canola market of any scale. Because we arrange the pickup of our omega-3 canola and coordinate delivery from the farm to the crush plant, it becomes a viable cropping option.

“We’re allowing producers to expand their cropping rotations and the agronomic and environmental benefits that come with that, as well as the profit opportunity from the omega-3 canola contract for their business.”

Eleanor Lee, Specialty Oils Operations Manager, Nuseed Australia says: “Specific to our Monola® program, growers need the value to be more attractive than simply growing commodity canola. To ensure identity preservation and the delivery of a quality product, there needs to be incentive for the grower. To do that, we have to add VALUE BEYOND YIELD®, so that there is more value at every step in the Nuseed Value Chain.

“Monola is a canola variety with a high-stability oil profile. Restaurant chains were seeking an oil with extended frying time and Monola oil delivers that.

“For KFC, for example, the initial step for them was safety for their staff. They wanted high quality oil with healthy and high levels of unsaturated fat that was easy to use.

“We wanted to help them understand how this product is a benefit to them but also keep the grower in mind as well. The R&D team have been instrumental in delivering value on both those aspects.”

Alex Clayton, Nuseed Global Business Development Lead, Carinata, says: “Our greatest opportunity lies in the value we can provide, which might be completely different from yield. This could be a better business service, an entirely new end-user or a production system-based approach that addresses a developing market need.

“Growers need to be able to get ROI and fulfil their contracts, and end-users need confidence there’s a consistent adequate supply to use it as a major biofuel feedstock. In this context, yield remains a primary focus.

“However, where we can really differentiate is what we do to add value above and beyond. Carinata is a great example of developing a crop beyond its yield capabilities by enabling a new advantaged use as a sustainable biofuel feedstock and high protein, non-GMO meal for livestock.”


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