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Nuseed Innovation Center in Argentina Opens

Nuseed employees, plus the city’s mayor held the official inauguration on February 4, 2021 following local covid precautions.

Argentina’s world-class Nuseed Innovation Center is the company’s third, adding to global centers in West Sacramento, California, opened in 2020, and Nuseed’s first Innovation Center built in 2013 in Horsham Australia.

The newest Nuseed Innovation Center will be headquarters for the company’s logistics, operations, sales, administration, quality control and research in South America.

“We are very proud of our team and the facilities at our newest Innovation Center in Argentina,” said Brent Zacharias, Nuseed Global Group Executive. “We’ve already made great progress expanding our portfolio and services for Argentina growers, this center will help facilitate the positive impact we can make in the region, including rapid growth of our Nuseed Carinata program. Nuseed, through this new facility, the dedication of our teams, and expansion of our programs will bring new opportunities to the region.”

“This Innovation Center is the basis for future growth,” said Jorge Moutous, Regional Manager for South America. “From this facility we intend to generate new business. At Nuseed we believe not only in selling seed technology, but also in offering added value to the grower beyond the yield they get.”

Nuseed’s sunflower program will operate from these facilities, and it will also be the headquarters for the industry-first South American brassica carinata breeding program. This new non-food oil, high protein non-GMO meal producing contract cover crop provides valuable certified feedstock for low-carbon fuel. Nuseed Carinata provides certified, best in class greenhouse gas reduction when grown as a cover crop for low-carbon fuel feedstock, and additional revenue for growers.

Leonel Chiarella, the Mayor of Venado Tuerto, highlighted in his speech the exceptional commitment of Nuseed to investment during the pandemic and the pride the city has for a multinational company choosing Venado Tuerto as a location for its South American headquarters.

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