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Leveraging Global Expertise

Nuseed’s global R&D programs and worldwide market reach are key to delivering farm and end-use customers plant-based solutions and building Nuseed Value Chains to supply them. Nuseed operates in four regions across the globe – North America, South America, Europe and Australia. Here we take a look at what they are working on.

North America

The North American region supports one of Nuseed’s major areas of global expansion – canola. This expansion is on multiple platforms, including broadacre traditional canola, the world’s first plant-based source of omega-3, and there are high oleic profiles in the pipeline too. Following deregulation approval in 2018, Nuseed doubled its contract production of Nuseed Omega-3 Canola in 2019, partnering with growers in Montana and North Dakota.  Contract acres have increased again in 2020.

The R&D nursery based near Breckenridge, Minnesota keeps the Nuseed oil and confection sunflower portfolios primed with top agronomic performance, disease resistance, and herbicide tolerance.

South America

The introduction of carinata in Argentina is an exciting development. Carinata is a type of non-food grade oilseed used for sustainable low-carbon fuel. In addition to reducing global carbon emissions, Argentina benefits from the crop’s resilience, water, and input efficiency, decreased erosion, carbon sequestration, and high protein non-GMO meal from the crop.  Carinata provides an entirely new market opportunity, embraced by Argentina growers and industry.

Brazil’s sorghum seed use is on the rise too as a replacement to high cost, high input corn. Nuseed’s Brazil team is connecting growers and end-use feedlot customers, providing additional value.


Our Europe team is focused on growing Nuseed’s share of the oil and confection sunflower markets, in addition to increasing sorghum use. The size of the sunflower oilseed market in Europe, in combination with new hybrids in the pipeline, is an opportunity for the team to substantially increase its growth year on year. Through building a strategic distributor model for oilseeds Nuseed has delivered growers and distributors high yields and new opportunities.


Nuseed continues to lead the Australian canola industry with one in every two canola paddocks being Nuseed genetics. Their heart-healthy Monola, and high yielding HyTTec and TruFlex hybrids and R&D pipelines will keep Nuseed leading the canola market here. With end-use restaurant customers switching to the healthy canola oil profile of Nuseed’s Monola, in combination with two new high yielding Monola hybrids launching in 2020, Monola seed and oil demand is anticipated to increase.

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