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Nuseed Regions Enable Global Growth

Teams in North America, South America, Europe, and Australia help local growers and industry partners get the best results with Nuseed. Success within these regions is essential to continued global growth for the business.

All four regions can grow Nuseed’s portfolio of high potential crops – canola, carinata, sorghum, and sunflower. This has resulted in an R&D program that’s built a rich bank of global germplasm, locally proven through regional trials in key markets.

It’s the connection of Nuseed’s regions to local growers and their development of locally-proven top seed and service that is the foundation to Nuseed’s VALUE BEYOND YIELD® strategy and earned them seed sales in over 30 countries.

Brent Javra, Nuseed Global General Manager, Commercial says: “Our focused business strategy is a unique advantage and makes Nuseed a different kind of seed company through our commitment to deliver VALUE BEYOND YIELD®.”

“Each of these regions has untapped potential for growth of our seeds business and farm customer base, and to also be the source of contract production for the new markets we are creating with new plant-based solutions for our end-use customers,” adds Javra.

“Take our carinata program for example, our established regional seeds business is enabling rapid increases in commercial volumes and expansion globally. That foundation has been built by the experts on our regional teams and their commitment to becoming the seed partner of choice for farm customers and industry.”

“We’re leveraging global seed resources throughout the world,” explains Javra. “We make use of our own centers of expertise at our Nuseed Innovation Centers in Horsham Australia and West Sacramento in the United States and also collaborate with industry experts to get the best results in the regions and for our farm and end-use customers.”

The two Nuseed Innovation Centers were built to deliver world-class technology and development of input and output plant traits, as well as seed production and business services.

“From innovations in nutrition, sustainability, and renewable energy, to getting seed into the bag and shipping it to our customers, our teams collaborate regionally and internationally,” says Javra.

Nuseed’s R&D programs, such as the sorghum program based in Texas managed by wholly-owned subsidiary Richardson Seeds International and the canola program initiated in Australia, maximizes the company’s expertise and resources both regionally and globally.

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