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Nuseed’s team work towards Climate Positive

A critical element of Nuseed’s success, especially when it comes to Nuseed Carinata, is its continued commitment to investing in the right people and making targeted acquisitions to expand its knowledge and technology.

Nuseed’s Global Group Executive, Brent Zacharias, says, “We require a unique team with distinct expertise. Already in our company today, and by extension through our collaborations, we have and will continue to build combined and unprecedented levels of expertise.”

“And, to ensure delivery of innovations and to attract more opportunities, Nuseed will continue to grow our scale, infrastructure, capability and R&D pipelines, and ensure global relevance in key markets.”

One of these targeted collaborations, that Brent refers to, took place in November 2019 when Nuseed acquired specific carinata based technologies, as well as experts from the crop’s developer.

This important move expanded Nuseed’s portfolio and is strategically aligned with their VALUE BEYOND YIELD® vision. It’s a crop of huge importance, providing certified carbon reduction beyond what has been achieved by other plant oils, plus critical soil carbon sequestration, for use in advanced biofuels.

Nuseed’s talented team have created a robust testing program, in geographies where commercial expansion of carinata is imminent – particularly in South America. They are also developing crucial hybrids including ones with herbicide tolerance.

With its global reach and connection to growers and the industry, Nuseed can efficiently commercialize carinata globally and have a tremendous impact on the environment.