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It’s not called Super Sorghum for nothing

Interest in the ancient grain sorghum has been increasing and as its research develops, so does the plant’s uses, which now include sorghum beer! Nuseed’s R&D teams have already developed Wholis for human consumption and are exploring the white sorghum segment, which allows the crop to be made into non-GMO, gluten-free flour. There is little sorghum can’t do!

Nuseed’s sorghum research is in collaboration with Richardson Seeds, a wholly-owned Nuseed subsidiary based in Texas, which has been researching sorghum plant uses for over half a century.

The combined expertise of Nuseed and Richardson Seeds and their commitment to latest breeding technologies is leading the way in sorghum advancements, especially in terms of yield, maturity, digestibility, agronomic performance, and drought and saline tolerance.

Parent lines and hybrids are developed rapidly due to Nuseed’s work across the two hemispheres, made possible by the development of an ultra-early sorghum hybrid. Nuseed uses both summer seasons to advance breeding lines by two generations every year, making for a fast pipeline of products being made available for commercialization.

Nuseed’s global team is elevating the profile of sorghum as a drought-tolerant crop, with immense potential in areas of the world threatened by declining availability of water. Nuseed is excited at the prospect of feeding millions, or even billions, at a lower cost than many other crop species, due to its modest input requirements like irrigation, water and fertilizer. 

It’s clear that sorghum has huge potential globally.