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A breakthrough in human nutrition

Nuseed’s Nutriterra®, is the first plant-based omega-3 rich oil developed specifically for human nutrition and dietary supplement markets.

Nuseed partnered with Dr. Bruce Holub, a leading expert in omega-3 fatty acids and their impact on human nutrition, to determine if there was a significant benefit for an Omega-3 Canola oil specifically developed for human consumption. Dr. Holub consulted on extensive clinical trials, studying Nutriterra’s efficacy as a replacement for ocean based-sources.

“We know that higher levels of omega-3 in the blood lower risks of sudden cardiac death, lower risk of age-related dementia and a much lower risk of having a premature infant birth,” Dr. Holub said.

Secure in the knowledge it was developing an essential new product with very real benefit to consumers, Nuseed has completed R&D and is advancing field production and key global regulatory submissions to commercialize Nutriterra for human consumption.

Nuseed has positioned Nutriterra as a high-quality, plant-based alternative for dietary supplement manufacturers. Nutriterra provides DHA omega-3 fatty acids at levels equal to that of traditional fish oil production. And because it is a drop-in replacement for current fish and algae oils, it eliminates any need for infrastructure investment.

Consumer experience is another big advantage of Nutriterra. Unlike fish-based omega-3 oils, consumers get the same omega-3 total as the equivalent fish oil serving, with a neutral taste and texture. Plus, its land-based production reduces pressure on wild fish stocks to supply the essential nutrient.

Nutriterra also provides alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) in levels that are double the concentration of standard canola, opening new markets in formulation. It all adds up to Nutriterra providing end-use customers and consumers with substantial added value and a product they can feel good about using.