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Nuseed Subsidiary RSI is Advancing Sorghum Worldwide

Advancements in saline and drought tolerance, as well as earlier maturity, means sorghum can now be grown in expanded geographies where it can outperform corn, with lower input costs. 

Since starting in 2006, Nuseed has worked to develop and improve industry-leading genetics for sorghum. Nuseed provides seed solutions to customers in 30 countries around the globe and works to address growing condition challenges through advanced trials and research in Australia, Europe, North and South America.

A cornerstone to Nuseed’s sorghum research and genetic improvement is the work done by Richardson Seeds International (RSI), Nuseed’s Texas-based wholly-owned subsidiary, acquired in 2009. RSI has grown hybrid sorghum since the mid-1950s, as long as anyone in the business. 

RSI is one of the largest sorghum researchers in the world. They are a global leader in sorghum research, packaging, and distribution – all fundamental to be the third-party supplier of choice for genetics and seed to private label brands for top companies in the industry. 

Today, Nuseed leverages the businesses’ long-standing domestic and international relationships and expertise to increase sorghum’s global footprint in the marketplace. With 80% of the world’s sorghum seed grown in the panhandle of Texas, it stands to reason that when people, or countries, are looking for new sorghum genetics, they come to Texas. RSI is always working to make sure Nuseed is providing leading sorghum hybrids for the farmer and for market demand.

Watch the RSI cow cam, cattle do prefer our sorghum hybrids! 

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