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Brazil sunflower harvest

Sunflower harvest underway in Brazil

In the Brazilian Midwest, the sunflower harvest got off to a positive start. The Brazilian states of Mato Grosso and Goiás lead the planting of the crop with 27,000 hectares and 19,500 hectares respectively.

Marcelo Marchesini, on Nuseed’s Commercial Development team in Mato Grosso, says: “Producers are very satisfied with Nuseed hybrids, they have been delivering harvests beyond yield even in adverse conditions, as sometimes it is planted in more sandy areas here in Mato Grosso.”

In Brazil, sunflowers are mostly planted under second crop conditions, after soybean cultivation. As the volume of rain is less, it is necessary to plant crops more tolerant to water stress, which is why sunflowers work.

In addition to all the positive agronomic characteristics, Nuseed sunflowers have proven to be an extremely profitable alternative, with attractive grain prices. Producers are anticipating excellent profitability per hectare and are excited to plant the crop again next year.

Marcelo Marchesini adds: “Some customers realized a higher profit with sunflower than with second crop corn. Sunflower does not compete in the same planting window with corn, so it is important that the producer considers sunflowers a tool within their own business.”

Fred Macari of Minas Goiás, a Nuseed distributor in the state of Goiás, says: “About 40 to 50 percent of the sunflower areas have already been harvested and the results are very good, even with low rain during the year. The seeds are performing well and that explains why today our market share in Goiás is over 85 percent.”

Nuseed is focused on providing the best hybrids for sunflower producers in Brazil. The excellent service provided, combined with the potential of the seeds, reinforces Nuseed’s market leadership in this segment year after year.