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Global Sunflower R&D

From increasing yields and developing orobanche, downy mildew and herbicide resistance, to improving oleic oil content and shell and kernel size, Nuseed’s global sunflower R&D teams are working across North America, South America and Europe to deliver solutions.

Although classified as traditional breeding, Nuseed uses sophisticated plant science to advance the agronomic and end-use benefits of its sunflower hybrids. Its brand new state-of-the-art molecular and analytical lab at the West Sacramento Nuseed Innovation Center accelerates Nuseed’s ability to deliver industry leading hybrids for farmers, processors and end-use customers.

A team of talented researchers drive Nuseed’s success in the sunflower business. One particular accomplishment has been the development of an orobanche resistant sunflower hybrid, advanced by the teams in Serbia, Argentina and the US.

Orobanche is a parasitic weed, which affects Western and Eastern Europe. The global breeding and lab teams were able to introgress (transfer) the orobanche trait into the parents of Hornet, Nuseed’s highest performing sunflower hybrid. 

Once introgressed, Nuseed’s researchers were able to test the resulting hybrid combinations in yield trials throughout the Northern Hemisphere and validate the orobanche resistance in Serbia. They’ve also been able to purify/increase the parent lines in Breckenridge and California to turn over to the global parent seed team.

With its high performing genetics and efficient networks, Nuseed’s global sunflower R&D team will continue to advance agronomic and end-use benefits.