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Benefits of the Nuseed Value Chain

Eleanor Lee, Specialty Oils Operations Manager, Nuseed Australia, says:
“Nuseed’s Value Chain ensures the best quality oil possible. Nuseed is involved in every step of the process. We enter contracts with growers to produce the crop, our agronomists manage it throughout the season and facilitate delivery to the specific grain accumulator where it’s stored. After processing, it’s delivered to our end-use customers.

“The Nuseed Value Chain is entirely about collaboration, working with partners at each step to facilitate an efficient and effective supply of high-quality products and service.

“It’s taken collaboration across our Nuseed Value Chain to deliver a unique end-use product like Monola®. From understanding the end-use customers’ needs to the farmer contracts and production needs to facilitating the processing logistics, our Monola program wouldn’t have been successful for the last ten years without collaborating with strategic partners.”


Alex Clayton, Nuseed Global Business Development Lead, Carinata, says:
“Nuseed is removing many barriers to large-scale adoption throughout the supply chain by facilitating the process from R&D trials to growers’ fields, through regulation and logistics, to delivery to a very specific end-use market. The result is more efficiencies, improved quality control, and more value to growers, processors, customers, and really the entire population wanting low-carbon fuel and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

“We wouldn’t be able to deliver a plant-based solution like carinata for sustainable low-carbon fuel without collaboration, world-wide. The opportunity is huge and so is the effort. From working with growers and the ag industry, to developing new business models with end-use customers, everyone is aligned to achieve the most important goals – improve profitability and meet growing demand.”


Clint Munro, Nuseed Global Lead, Omega-3 Supply Chain, says:
“Nuseed has worked with multiple end-use customers to conduct large scale trials using the Nuseed omega-3 canola oil in aquaculture feed rations. This required intensive management and significant investment by Nuseed, but enabled customers to gain confidence in adding a new product to their commercial feed, and enabled Nuseed to prepare for commercial-scale production and manufacturing.

“Collaboration is essential to our business model. For example, at the very beginning of 2018, when we were looking to start growing canola in Montana and growers didn’t know who we were or what Nuseed omega-3 canola was, we developed a relationship with Dry Fork Ag who have a strong reputation and farmer client base.”

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