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Carinata & Biofuel feedstock comparison 

Biofuel feedstock demand is expected to continue growing rapidly as governments and companies worldwide work to mitigate climate change by reducing carbon. Sustainably producing enough feedstock will continue to be an industry challenge. 

“We are focused on the impact Nuseed Carinata can make today as a drop-in solution, and by scaling up global production its potential to become an important feedstock to help the biofuel industry meet increasing volumes without displacing food production or requiring additional farmland,” explained Nuseed Carinata Global Business Development Leader, Alex Clayton. 

Scaling sustainable global production of Nuseed Carinata can help, and here’s a summary of how it compares* in general sustainability terms to other biofuel feedstocks. 

“ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization, has already listed Carinata as having GHG savings similar to used cooking oil,” added Clayton. “It’s the many certified sustainability benefits that really add value and sets Nuseed Carinata apart from other biofuel feedstocks.” 

*Nuseed Comparison

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