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Changing Crop Production Paradigms via the Nuseed Carinata Value Chain 

In collaboration with strategic industry partners around the world Nuseed is adding value by building robust contract supply chains from field to end use. These “Nuseed Value Chains” can replace commodity production with traceable, precisely managed contract crop production of specialized end-use ingredients with added value.  

With Nuseed Carinata it’s supplying an independently certified sustainable, non-food, traceable, drop-in low carbon renewable oil feedstock to replace fossil fuels and remove, reduce, and (re)store carbon to help mitigate climate change and regenerate soil. 

Specifically, the Nuseed Carinata Value Chain offers additional value to the grower by paying for the grain from the harvested cover crop as well as the adoption and verification of sustainable farming practices. Including practices that help maximize greenhouse gas savings like cover cropping, low tillage and low fertilizer applications. The comprehensive data collection at the field level enables traceability and end-use transparency or accountability towards carbon, sustainability and corporate responsibility requirements for investor and consumer credibility. All critical to brand value. 


Here’s how the Nuseed Value Chain works specific to the contract production of Nuseed Carinata, a non-food, independently certified sustainable cover crop grown between main crop rotations and harvested for low carbon renewable oil feedstock. 

  1. Input/output trait R&D:  Nuseed takes a global R&D collaborative approach both with Nuseed experts across Australia, Europe, North and South America, as well as with industry experts. The combination of Nuseed’s industry leading germplasm bank and breeding expertise has already produced the world’s first carinata hybrid with cover crop resilience to challenging climatic conditions, and high erucic acid content making it non-food and ideal for industrial uses. 
  1. Complete regulatory stewardship: The regulatory environment for renewable energy is very complex with important differences between Europe, North America and even individual states within the United States. Nuseed aligns contract production to regulatory goals through the expertise of our global regulatory team working across seed, oil, meal and carbon. 
  1. Global seeds business: Nuseed is well connected with local farmers and has deep agronomic knowledge to support contract growers. Established grower and industry networks in Nuseed’s focus regions of Australia, Europe, North and South America enables production in both hemispheres. 
  1. Proprietary digital platform: Data from each Nuseed Carinata field contracted verifies maximized greenhouse gas savings and enables independent certification from the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB). The data collected ensures grower compliance, enables traceability field to oil and is satellite/gps verified to ensure no increased land use change. Transparency and reporting requirements, whether voluntary or mandatory, are quickly becoming critical to investor and consumer confidence. 
  1. Proprietary crush process: Using existing canola/rapeseed infrastructure and a proprietary process Nuseed Carinata Grain is crushed for drop in low carbon renewable oil feedstock and a traceable non-GMO high protein meal co-product. 
  1. Certified low carbon oil: Nuseed manages production right from R&D, to field production and processing ensuring Nuseed Carinata is delivered to specific end-use customer contract requirements including maximized greenhouse gas savings plus sustainability, environment and social requirements. 
  1. Decarbonize end markets: The ten year bp offtake and market development agreement enables Nuseed to expand its Nuseed Carinata sustainable production program.  The Nuseed Carinata Oil produced will help decarbonize heavy transport and hard to abate sectors that for the near to mid-term are dependent on liquid fuels and fossil oils, including petrochemicals. With demand for low carbon replacements for fossil fuels rapidly outpacing feedstock supply Nuseed is sustainably scaling production in South America, the Southern U.S. and developing programs in Australia and Europe to enable industry to transition now to replace fossil fuels and reduce, remove and (re)store carbon to help mitigate climate change.