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Nuseed Carinata 2022 Year in Review 

In 2022 the Nuseed Carinata business accomplished milestone upon milestone, making this year in review an exciting recap. What may seem a simple list of accomplishments took hard work, long hours, and total dedication from Nuseed Carinata teams and industry partners worldwide to achieve: 

January Second Nuseed Carinata grain delivery South America to Europe 


February bp offtake and market development agreement 


April Frontiers in Energy publishes study validating Nuseed Carinata carbon mitigation 


May World’s first carinata hybrid and fourth commercial planting in Argentina and Uruguay 


May Pre-commercial program in Brazil underway 


August EPA approves RIN pathway in U.S. 


August ICAO updates carinata listing of similar to waste and residual oils to include global status 


September First U.S. Nuseed Carinata commercial contracts in Southern United States 


November Fourth Nuseed Carinata harvest in Argentina  

November First U.S. commercial planting 


October-Dec 2022 Third RSB independent audit completed for certified sustainable production in South America 


Nuseed Carinata team members and industry partners deserve huge recognition. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in a short amount of time by determined and passionate groups of people sharing the same goal. Key to Nuseed Carinata success is the intense focus on adding value from field to oil. The teams are expanding sustainable production globally. The non-food, independently certified sustainable cover crop grown between main crop rotations is harvested for low carbon renewable oil feedstock to help replace fossil fuels. The result is soil regeneration plus reducing, removing and (re)storing carbon for real climate action. All with no increased land use change or additional infrastructure. 

Looking ahead in 2023 Nuseed Carinata will continue to expand contract grower support for rapidly growing commercial programs in the Southern U.S. and in South America.  Plus, Nuseed R&D teams in Australia and Europe are working locally to advance development programs. Nuseed Carinata regulatory and certification experts will continue their work for compliance, policy and comprehensive data collection to further support soil regeneration and carbon reduction globally.