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Collaboration multiplies opportunities for rapid global growth

As Nuseed continues to evolve, it is choosing select growers to become value chain partners to serve downstream customers. Breaking the mentality of a simple buy-sell transaction approach, Nuseed is moving to multi-year partnerships to ensure a reliable supply for a whole new base of end-use customers.

Recently, Nuseed’s collaborative business culture and combined agronomic and value chain expertise plus a successful pilot project in 2019 with the crop’s developer enabled an accelerated introduction of Nuseed Carinata to Argentina.  Nuseed’s Argentina team has introduced an entirely new opportunity for farmers, to grow carinata specifically for use in advanced biofuels, with substantial greenhouse gas reduction.

Grown as a contract cover crop, between primary crop rotations, carinata provides added farm revenue while improving and protecting the soil for growers, plus carbon reduction beyond what has been achieved by other plant oils for the biofuels industry.

In an earlier collaboration turned acquisition, Nuseed fully purchased Brazil-based Atlantica Sementes in 2018, after working with them in a joint venture capacity for over five years.

The Atlantica business is now transitioning to the Nuseed brand and has provided the company with an excellent team on the ground and instant market access. It’s a market where Nuseed Sorghum is displacing corn acres, making the industry take notice and adding value for both growers and beef producers.

The added value comes from Nuseed’s commitment to top seed and service, continued R&D to advance the benefits of sorghum, and by connecting growers to end-use customers; all multiplying opportunity through collaboration across the value chain.

Another of Nuseed’s most successful and long-standing collaborations has been with the Grains Research Development Council (GRDC) and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Australia’s national science research agency in the development of Nuseed Omega-3 Canola.

Ten years since the start of this collaboration Nuseed is celebrating the first commercial sale of Aquaterra®, derived from Nuseed Omega-3 Canola, and a successful harvest in the US with two new varieties and more advancements in the pipeline.

While Nuseed’s offer will always include high-yielding seed for farm customers and global scale, its unique competitiveness comes from unlocking plant potential by strategic collaborations that bring new solutions to commercial markets to address some of the most critical problems of our time.