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Nuseed Value Beyond Yield®

Plants have huge potential to solve some of our toughest problems

The agriculture industry has been built from a commodity and yield mindset. At Nuseed we believe there is an exceptional opportunity to meet new global challenges.

Starting with top service and high yielding canola, carinata, sorghum, and sunflower seed for growers, Nuseed delivers VALUE BEYOND YIELD® by developing important new plant-based solutions for consumers. Examples include our Carinata Low-Carbon Fuel Program with RSB certified best in class greenhouse gas reductions, and our Omega-3 Program providing the first sustainable land-based source of the essential nutrient omega-3.

Delivering new plant-based solutions for end-use customers starts with excellent seed, service, and new opportunities for growers.

First Nuseed develops plant input traits with agronomic benefits that ensure we deliver top seed and service in all regions. Then, through our development of plant output traits, we provide growers with new opportunities to produce sustainable plant-based solutions, with specific consumer benefits, for Nuseed end-use customers. Across the globe we’re developing new value and market opportunities, and the Nuseed Value Chains to supply them. 

Value BEYOND YIELD® - value beyond yield

Worldwide, across every region and every business, our teams are working to provide VALUE BEYOND YIELD® in everything we do.

In addition to our high yielding canola, sorghum, and sunflower hybrid portfolios, Nuseed crops developed with specific end-use benefits include:

  • Monola grown in Australia provides a local source of healthy high oleic canola oil
  • Nuseed Omega-3 Canola, commercially grown first in the U.S, provides a sustainable land-based source of the essential nutrient
  • Nuseed Carinata, grown as a cover crop in Argentina, provides a drop-in purpose-built biofuel feedstock for certified best in class greenhouse gas reduction
  • New sorghum hybrids that provide new food and feed market opportunities globally 

Nuseed Value Chains

At Nuseed, our focus is on solving an important customer need with a plant-based solution, then collaborating with growers and industry partners to build a Nuseed Value Chain to supply it.

Our Nuseed Value Chain — from global R&D to local contracted field production and processing, to end-use customer delivery worldwide — is key to commercializing new sustainable plant-based solutions. End-to-end, Nuseed manages quality and collaborates with industry partners to add value at every step and for each participant in our supply chain.

Value BEYOND YIELD® - Nuseed hats in Carinata field scaled

Monola for Australian restaurants mandated to convert to the heart-healthy nutritional profile of this Nuseed high oleic canola oil

Carinata to supply RSB certified best-in-class greenhouse gas reduction for international biofuel processors, and non-GMO meal customers

Nuseed Omega-3 Canola to supply a sustainable land-based source of the essential nutrient omega-3 directly to end-use customers

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