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Meet Nutriterra®

Nuseed’s land-based source of omega-3 supplies an ocean of nutrition from a canola seed

Omega-3 supplements have been reinvented thanks to Nuseed’s Omega-3 Canola and the development of Nutriterra® – the only single source of total omega-3 nutrition.

Land-based sources of omega-3, like flax and nuts, are rich in ALA, and marine sources supply DHA+EPA – but only Nutriterra® provides a full spectrum of short and long-chain fatty acids, which are needed for human health.

Nutriterra® benefits from having a milder flavor and smell to fish oil. It’s also easily digestible, doesn’t contain high levels of saturated fats and is suitable for vegetarian diets.

Nuseed has applied plant-to-plant biotechnology to deliver the nutrition of microalgae through the renewable, sensory-neutral canola seed.

Thomas Tritt, Nutraceutical Director at Nuseed says, “There’s been a lot of R&D, a lot of investment in time and dedication poured into this novel technology that we’ve created with our partners in Australia. So, to bring Nutriterra® to life and offer it to the global nutrition market, is a major accomplishment.”


Why are omega-3s so important?

The benefits of long-chain (DHA+EPA) omega-3s in human health are well documented, with adequate intake having an overall positive impact on brain, eye and heart health, as well as inflammation management. More than 80% of the population is deficient in these essential nutrients, and the global demand is growing faster than current sources can sustainably supply.

Until now, DHA+EPA were found exclusively in marine sources, mostly fish and algae. However, oceans can’t provide enough of this nutrient to meet human nutritional needs, without depleting wild fish populations. Nutriterra® fills the gap between how much omega-3 is needed and how little the ocean produces.


Learn more about how Nutriterra® is reducing pressure on ocean resources and supporting sustainable agriculture on land at