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Growing Success

We’re combining our leading agronomic traits with strategic global R&D collaborations to bring North American canola growers what we’ve been bringing Australian growers for over a decade – high yielding, profitable canola seed backed by Nuseed. 

Today more than half the canola sown in Australia is from Nuseed germplasm. We are leading the Australian market with superior glyphosate and triazine tolerant varieties and hybrids.

Nuseed’s canola experts at our world-class Horsham Innovation Center in Australia developed proprietary canola seed screening methods for advanced blackleg resistance.  It’s an agronomic trait vital in Australia, and regions in North America with high blackleg risk. The disease rapidly evolves and adapts, making Nuseed’s ability to maintain blackleg resistance a clear advantage. 

We’re building on our Australian canola success with global development programs in Argentina, Canada, Russia, and the U.S.

TruFlex™ Canola