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A new revenue source between primary crops

Plus, all the soil benefits of a cover crop

Grown for certified low-carbon fuel feedstock 

Nuseed Carinata is an independently certified sustainable low-carbon fuel feedstock that provides growers a new revenue source between main crops.

A non-food, revenue generating contract cover crop, Nuseed Carinata grows when our environment limits main crop production. It protects soil between harvest and next season’s planting, without displacing primary food crops or requiring additional farmland.

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Improves air, regenerates soil

Nuseed Carinata manages carbon three powerful ways: 

  • Reduces emissions by replacing fossil fuels 
  • Removes atmospheric carbon while it grows 
  • Restores soil carbon through its extensive root system to regenerate soil 

Improves crop protection

Nuseed Carinata also provides multiple agronomic benefits: 

  • Improves soil carbon and organic matter 
  • Reduces weed and disease pressure 
  • Protects against soil erosion 
  • Increases nutrient efficiency 

Rewards sustainable farming practices

Nuseed rewards growers for adopting and recording the sustainable farming practices required for independent RSB certification.  This provides production traceability and greenhouse gas (GHG) quantification and additional shared value. Nuseed Carinata is crushed to extract its oil for use in sustainable, certified low-carbon biofuel. The remaining meal is a traceable source of non-GMO plant protein. 

After three seasons of production in Argentina, we are preparing to introduce Nuseed Carinata to U.S. growers. Learn more about our global program and email [email protected] if you are a grower in the Southern United States interested in learning more about our Nuseed Carinata contract production program.