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Conoil Sunflowers

Nuseed conoils offer high yield and oil content as well as excellent marketing versatility. Sell to dehull or kernel, oil, confection, and bird food markets depending on processor requirements.

Conoil Sunflowers

Flexible Flowers


A cross between oilseed and confection hybrids, conoils have excellent market versatility being used primarily for dehull but also used for oil, confection, or bird food, depending on processor requirements. This seed type is generally higher in oil content than confection seeds and realizes greater yields.

The dehull market generally utilizes medium sized seeds, requires processors to mechanically remove the hull and separate the kernel. The separated kernels are consumed as a snack or food ingredient with some product also going to the bird food market. While hybrids are bred specifically for the dehull market, other classes can also be used for the dehull market.

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