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NuSun Sunflowers

8NuSun® sunflower oil outshines other commercial oils by providing optimal healthy benefits, great taste and superior performance, while remaining trans-fat free.

NuSun Sunflowers

Healthy Performance


NuSun hybrids offer growers more marketing opportunities with their mid-oleic sunflower oil profile. The long-term increased demand from consumers for ever-healthier products is a major driver behind the growing market for sunflower oil. The NuSun sunflower oil profile was developed by the U.S. National Sunflower Association, in coordination with the USDA, to create a healthy sunflower oil profile specifically for the food industry.

NuSun varieties have oleic levels of 55% to 75% – levels similar to olive oil. Additionally, NuSun oil has a naturally high smoke point and does not require trans-fat, creating hydrogenation to remain stable at high temperatures. It has a good shelf life and neutral taste profile making it an excellent choice for frying oil.

Nuseed offers a proven line up of NuSun hybrids that offer marketing flexibility and in-field performance.

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