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High Oleic Sunflowers

Developed in the U.S., our high oleic oil hybrids deliver on high-performance agronomics, yield and top-end oil content.

High Oleic Sunflowers

Stability and Performance


Approximately 75% of sunflowers grown in the U.S. are utilized for the oil that can be extracted from the seeds. Sunflower oil is naturally made up of a combination of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and low levels of saturated fat. Oil sunflowers are generally classified based on their oleic (monounsaturated fat) content.

High oleic sunflowers were developed to deliver much higher levels of monounsaturated fats (oleic content) than traditional oil sunflower seeds. While the oilseed crush industry requires a minimum oleic level ranging from 82% to 85%, Nuseed high oleic sunflower hybrids may reach oleic acid levels greater than 90%.

High oleic sunflower oil has a neutral taste and provides excellent stability without hydrogenation for the food industry and high oleic sunflower oil offers a trans-fat free oil solution for end use customers. High-oleic sunflower oil is also being used in many of the new plant-based food products. In November 2018, high oleic sunflower oil received an FDA ‘Qualified Health Claim’ that allows it to be labeled as a food that may help reduce the risk of heart disease when used in place of saturated fats.

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