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We’ve combined our world class genetics and agronomic traits with strategic global R&D collaborations to bring North American canola growers top performing canola hybrids. We have taken the best what has made us canola seed market leaders in Australia – high yields and excellent profit potential and tailored it for the needs of the US and Canada.


Golden Growth


Nuseed is a newer player to the U.S. canola seed industry but has long been established in canola globally, supplying 70% of Australia’s canola genetics. Delivering world class canola hybrid research, Nuseed has Innovation Centers located in West Sacramento, California, U.S., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, and Horsham, Victoria, Australia. These locations are focused on developing proprietary canola traits for blackleg, clubroot and anti-shatter along with Nuseed’s Value Beyond Yield traits – Omega 3 and High Oleic/Low Linoleic.

Nuseed’s seed screening methods for advanced blackleg resistance, keeping ahead of the ever-adapting disease, is making Nuseed a leader in this area. New plant genetics, a focus on breeding for performance, and global collaboration will help us bring our best canola hybrids to U.S. growers.

For growers interested in contract production, Nuseed’s omega-3 canola program is the world’s first plant-based omega-3 and will help relieve the pressure on our oceans to supply this essential nutrient. One acre of omega-3 canola produces as much DHA as 10,000 one-kilogram fish. Nuseed is partnering with contract growers to supply aquafeed and nutrition markets.

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Canola Crop Types

Commodity Canola

Looking for cutting-edge canola hybrids, developed from world-class R&D and proven right here in the U.S.?  We are growing our U.S. canola portfolio and distributor network, giving more options for a successful growing season

Omega-3 Canola

Nuseed Omega-3 Canola Production System offers the first land-based source of DHA essential nutrients. We are partnering with select canola growers to meet the increasing demands of the aquaculture and human nutrition markets for plant-based long-chain omega-3 sources.

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