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Omega-3 Canola

Nuseed Omega-3 offers the first land-based source of DHA essential nutrients. We are partnering with select canola growers to meet the increasing demands of the aquaculture and human nutrition markets for plant-based long-chain omega-3 sources.

Omega-3 Canola

Omega-3 Opportunities


Omega-3 canola is revolutionizing how plant-based solutions interact with other segments of the agriculture industry. For example, two acres of omega-3 canola will produce as much DHA as 10,000 one-kilogram fish. Nuseed Omega-3 Canola is processed into our proprietary oil ingredients, Aquaterra® for aquafeed and Nutriterra® for human nutrition markets. Both products are more than just alternative sources of omega-3; they are uniquely rich in total DHA, vital building blocks for good nutrition.


Nuseed is partnering with growers via production contracts to supply aquafeed and nutrition markets with the first land-based source of the essential nutrient omega-3. For growers interested, this is a unique opportunity to increase your farm’s profit potential.


With an attractive contract offering, growers are supported throughout the process. Some key contract points Nuseed offers Omega-3 Canola growers:

  • Force majeure contract clause
  • Local Nuseed agronomic and stewardship support
  • The flexibility to harvest via straight cut or swathed
  • Harvested crop is stored on-farm with delivery prior to the following harvest
  • Independent lab grading with samples taken during harvest, and at delivery
  • Grower payment is within 30 days of pick up or delivery based on contract terms
  • Local support for coordinating the delivery of planting seed, collecting samples and elevator delivery logistics

Nuseed factors in farm location, business priorities, stewardship and production capabilities for our contract producers. Interested? Click here to begin a contract assessment.

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