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Consumer Demand for Omega3

Nuseed recently conducted consumer research that revealed that 64 percent of vitamin and mineral supplement (VMS) consumers prefer a plant-based omega-3 and that 90 percent recognized advantages of its Nutriterra® Total Omega-3 canola oil over fish or algal oils. This innovation is uniquely capable of fulfilling unmet preferences that will attract new consumers to the omega-3 category.

“There is a belief that the omega-3 category is mature, yet more than 83 percent of Americans are deficient in these essential nutrients, indicating room for growth. Our research reveals the perspectives that have kept consumers from meeting their daily recommended intake and the motivations that will invigorate this category,” said Benita Boettner, Nuseed General Manager Omega-3, in a press release.

The survey was conducted in partnership with Qualtrics and included over 1,200 current VMS consumers. Participants were screened to emphasize Gen Z and Millennials (64 percent) and current or previous omega-3 users (84 percent). Key findings included:

  • Ocean health is a top concern for 2/3 of consumers
  • Only one in four consumers are aware of non-fish sources of omega-3
  • Sixty-four percent of consumers prefer a plant-based omega-3 when provided an option
  • Biotechnology is embraced by younger consumers and those who identify as health enthusiasts

Growing More with Less

Nuseed has been growing its Omega-3 Canola commercially since 2018 when the company received United States Food and Drug Administration approval to cultivate. Right now, the Omega-3 Canola is being grown in Montana and North Dakota, but Katrina Benedicto, Nuseed’s Marketing and Communications Director for Omega-3, says customer demand is increasing rapidly and Nuseed needs more growers. She cites several benefits to the program including on-farm pick up to help with logistics and market access, prompt payment, and rebates for Nufarm inputs.

“Our technology has the opportunity to double the world’s available omega-3 fatty acids on less than 5 percent of current canola land,” says Benedicto.

According to Nuseed, one to two hectares of this canola has the potential to provide the DHA oil yield equivalent to 10,000 kilograms of fish.

Sign-up to grow NuSeed Omega-3 Canola at Omega3Canola.com.

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