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Marketing flexibility

In addition to great agronomic performance Nuseed conoils have excellent market versatility, often offering multiple marketing opportunities including dehull or kernel, oil, confection, or bird food, depending on processor requirements. This seed type is generally higher in oil content than confection seeds and realizes greater yields.

The dehull market requires processors to mechanically remove the hull and separate the kernel to be sold as a raw ingredient, or roasted for snacking. The shell of these sunflower seeds (conoil is a cross between confection and oilseeds) is the easiest to separate.

Badger DMR

Dehull/Conoil Hybrid Characteristics

HYBRID RATING SCALE 1 = Poor, 9 = Excellent (excluding Plant Height)
PLANT HEIGHT RATING SCALE 1 = Shortest, 9 = Tallest

Hybrid Traits Maturity Emergence Drought Tolerance Uniformity to Flower Yield for Maturity Test Weight Dry Down Late Season Plant Health Stalk Rating Root Rating Plant Height
BADGER DMR CL / DMR Medium 8 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 8 8