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Edging Out the Competition

Have you heard about Nuseed’s NEW ultra-early sunflower hybrids?

Nuseed’s N4H161 CL is a grower’s sunflower solution to the challenges of double-cropping, crop maturity challenges, weed resistance and standability.

Genetics are the drivers of progress within production agriculture – precision equipment is a moot point if a crop can’t outperform its environment to deliver yield. Nuseed excels in advancing the traits that deliver profitability to farmers because of the company’s investment in the technology that allows for faster progress.

Today, Nuseed’s N4H161 CL is the only ultra-early sunflower hybrid on the market that delivers a trifecta: up-to a two-week earlier maturity; shorter stalk height and improved root structure for unsurpassed standability and weed control options; and the Clearfield® trait for advanced weed control.

“With the new hybrids we’ve come out with in the last year or two, especially this N4H161 CL, we’re opening up some really good opportunities in areas where they just haven’t been available before because the genetics didn’t exist,” Jed Wall says of Nuseed’s leadership in sunflower genetics.