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Helping Growers to be Successful with Nuseed

FFA sparked John Walker’s interest in agriculture and Nuseed has him excited to stay.

John Walker, a Field Sales Manager in Montana for Nuseed, has always been involved in the agricultural sector. From a young age, Walker was working on farms and ranches which paved the way for him to be actively involved in the National FFA Organization.

“When I was in high school, I was really involved with FFA,” shares Walker. “I was a state officer with FFA here in Montana. I knew I was going to get into agriculture, I just didn’t know which way exactly.

”Following his active FFA career, Walker went on to Montana State University, where he studied economics. After his undergraduate studies, he joined Farmers Business Network. “When I was at Farmers Business Network, I was involved in everything from sales, development, cold calling, to getting to know growers across the nation and more, ”says Walker. “From there, I quickly transitioned into being the pulse buyer for Montana, North and South Dakotas and the Pacific Northwest.

”Seeking a change, Nuseed caught Walker’s attention by offering a position that was closer to home. “What I really enjoy with Nuseed is that this type of marketing allows growers to be more profitable, ”comments Walker.

Walker describes this region, which faces challenges in product logistics, as a “black hole”. One aspect of his role at Nuseed that he values is the ability to reduce the black hole effect for growers in his territory.

“I really enjoy helping producers grow their operations and being able to bring a new seed product to a lot of these places. I want to see them succeed. At Nuseed, we are always looking for upward mobility and I do think that is a positive attribute with Nuseed, ”says Walker.

Nuseed has allowed Walker to help growers be successful and make some friendships along the way. The positive culture at Nuseed is a big aspect of that. Offering growers the help they need when contracting and growing Nuseed’s Omega-3 Canola Production System is a highlight for Walker.