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Soil Sampling as a Basis for Fertilizer Application

Source: NDSU Extension | D.W. Franzen, Professor Soil Science, NDSU Extension Soil Specialist

Importance of Soil Sampling

Soil testing measures the relative nutrient status of soils and serves as a foundation for profitable and environmentally responsible crop mineral nutrient application. Laboratory analysis quality control influences soil test value accuracy, but the quality of the soil sample may have an even greater influence on accuracy.

Sample collection is extremely important in the accuracy and repeatability of a soil test. Sample handling following field collection also is important. An unrepresentative soil sample may be misleading and may result in over- or underapplication of fertilizer. Therefore, collecting and handling soil samples properly is very important.

Read more about best practices and timing for soil sampling: NDSU Extension Soil Sampling as a Basis for Fertilizer Application (SF990)