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In-season Crop Management for Maximizing Profit

Protect your sunflower and canola crops in-season to maximize your profitability at harvest time.


In-season Field Checklist


 Base herbicide decisions on the specific weeds present in fields at time of spraying.


 Use of herbicide-tolerant sunflower and canola hybrids in addition to soil-applied and preseason herbicides will result in optimal weed control and help reduce resistant-weed development risk.


 Scout after herbicide spraying to confirm control of target weeds.


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 Use integrated pest management strategies for optimal insect control. Correct pest identification is key. Scout fields weekly for pests in-season. Scout fields more often (twice per week) as key pests come into critical windows based on an insect scouting calendar.


 Follow correct scouting protocols and base insecticide application decisions on economic thresholds.


Sunflower Considerations:
• Scout before bloom for rust to manage it in-season.
• Apply fungicide at the R-5 stage on crops infected with one percent or more sunflower rust on upper four leaves.
• In all regions, seed-boring insects can be controlled with insecticides during the bloom stage.


Canola Considerations:
• Scout early to monitor for flea beetle damage to seedlings.
• Canola is impacted by above and below ground insects so be sure to check the roots for damage.
• Scout at the early bloom stage to monitor for sclerotinia and consider fungicide application if needed.