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Innovation Feeding the Pipeline to Address Global Challenges

Nuseed innovation is constantly developing new solutions to address global challenges such as food security, human nutrition, and climate change. Nuseed uses advanced technologies and techniques such as molecular/genomic breeding, marker-assisted selection, and trait integrations to create superior crops with high yields, improved nutritional benefits, and enhanced climate adaptation.

Innovative Nuseed Products

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Nuseed Carinata: A non-food certifiable cover crop that is grown for sustainable low-carbon energy feedstock. It reduces emissions when used to replace fossil fuels and removes carbon from the air, restoring it to help regenerate soil as it grows between main crop rotations.

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Nuseed Omega-3 Canola: The first landbased plant source of essential omega-3 fatty acids. It supports sustainable growth for aquaculture, healthier oceans, and nourishes fish with advanced omega-3 oil that doesn’t demand additional farmland or add pressure to marine resources.

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Nuseed Sunflower: Nuseed offers a sunflower hybrid for every field and every market. Their North America-based nurseries are the breeding ground for superior sunflower hybrids. Nuseed’s sunflower portfolio goes beyond the conventional, offering a range of products that cater to diverse market needs. The company provides high-quality seeds for various applications, including oil and confection products.

Nuseed has a strong focus on very specific value-added end-use markets meant to deliver VALUE BEYOND YIELD to its customers.

“Nuseed is a global agriculture innovator that is unlocking the potential of plants to solve important global challenges,” says Mark Jackson, General Manager for Nuseed Americas.

“We’re helping growers monetize the carbon markets, providing better cash flow, a stronger balance sheet, and increased profitability per acre. It’s about more than just selling seed; it’s about sustainable growth.”

Highlighting Nuseed’s focus on sunflower and canola, Jackson details the growth potential in these commodity crops. “In sunflower, we’re looking to expand our market share by showcasing our superior genetics. We cover all aspects, from oil products to confection products, offering versatility that sets us apart.”

For canola, Jackson notes Nuseed’s recent entry into the North American market, emphasizing the company’s commitment to introducing new canola genetics: “We’re not just repeating the same genetics. We’re bringing in unique traits that have proven successful in other regions, such as blackleg resistance.”