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New Consumer Research Confirms Untapped Potential of Plant-Based Omega-3s

Nuseed Nutritional US Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Nufarm Limited (ASX: NUF), conducted consumer research revealing that 64% of VMS consumers prefer a plant-based omega-3 and that 90% recognized advantages of Nutriterra® Total Omega-3 over fish or algal oils. This innovation is uniquely capable of fulfilling unmet preferences that will attract new consumers to the omega-3 category.

“There is a belief that the omega-3 category is mature, yet more than 83% of Americans are deficient in these essential nutrients, indicating room for growth. Our research reveals the perspectives that have kept consumers from meeting their daily recommended intake and the motivations that will invigorate this category.” say Benita Boettner, Global General Manager.

The survey was conducted in partnership with Qualtrics and included over 1200 current VMS consumers. Participants were screened to emphasize Gen Z and Millennials (64%) and current or previous omega-3 users (84%). Key findings included:

  • Ocean health is a top concern for 2/3 of consumers
  • Only 1 in four consumers are aware of non-fish sources of omega-3
  • 64% of consumers prefer a plant-based omega-3 when provided an option
  • Biotechnology is embraced by younger consumers and those who identify as health enthusiasts

Nuseed will present a deep dive of their recent consumer survey at Supply Side West in Las Vegas on October 28th.

About Nuseed Nutritional, Aquaterra® and Nutriterra®

Nuseed Nutritional is nourishing the world in a safe and sustainable way by developing the supply chain and opening new end-user markets for products derived from Nuseed’s advanced biotechnologies. Nuseed Omega-3 Canola, the world’s first plant-based source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, has been developed in collaboration with Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).

Nutriterra® Total Omega-3 oil is derived from Nuseed Omega-3 Canola to deliver a non-marine source of essential nutrients for human health. The oil has also been developed and branded as Aquaterra® Advanced Omega-3 as an alternative to fish oil for the aquaculture industry. Both are proprietary ingredients that provide a sustainable, land-based option for sourcing omega-3 fatty acids while reducing pressure on wild-fish stocks.  More information is available at nutriterraomega3.com and aquaterraomega3.com.

About Nuseed

Nuseed is unlocking the full potential of canola, carinata, sorghum and sunflower to deliver VALUE BEYOND YIELD®. Nuseed provides new, sustainable plant-based solutions to growers, industry, and end-use customers, adding value at every step and for each participant in Nuseed’s Value Chain. Learn more at nuseed.com

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