Nuseed Carinata Contracts Now Available for Growers!

What is Nuseed Carinata? 

Nuseed Carinata is an independently certified non-food cover crop, grown between main crop rotations, and crushed in standard oilseed processing facilities for its oil to be used for low-carbon biofuel feedstock, and its co-product as a source of traceable non-GMO plant protein.  


Nuseed Carinata “covers” or protects soil that is typically exposed between main crop harvest and next season’s planting and removes atmospheric carbon while restoring soil carbon as it grows. By replacing fossil fuels Nuseed Carinata also reduces carbon emissions. The Nuseed Carinata production program rewards sustainable farming practices and does not displace primary food crops or require additional farmland.  

Where is the crop grown and processed? 

Nuseed Carinata is a resilient crop proven to grow well in both hemispheres between many primary crop rotations, such as corn and soybeans or other crops such as cotton, sorghum and peanuts, as a cover crop. It is grown between harvest and spring planting when weather limits primary crop production and soil is typically exposed to erosion.  


Nuseed Carinata is currently commercially grown in Argentina between main crops on existing farmland and processed into oil in Europe. Nuseed Carinata is a proven drop-in feedstock for biofuel processors, making it easily integrated into production at existing facilities as the crop is introduced to new regions.  


Currently, commercial program expansion in South America and plans for introduction to the U.S. will increase production to help meet the rapidly growing demand for low-carbon feedstock. Initial research and market development programs are also underway in Europe and Australia.  

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What do I need to do to participate in Nuseed Carinata contracts? 

  • Nuseed Carinata seed and contracts now available from Nuseed directly.  Visit Nuseed Carinata  for up-to-date information about availability.