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"“I’ve seen its potential. With this crop there’s multiple benefits from a soil health standpoint. Carinata gives us an opportunity to plant a cover crop with financial benefits.” "

Carinata Cover Crop Seed


Nuseed Carinata is a certified sustainable non-food cover crop grown, between primary crops to protect and improve soil health, for low-carbon advanced biofuel feedstock.

Benefits of Cover Crops:

  1. Weed management
  2. Reduction of wind & water erosion
  3. Soil health improvement through build up of organic matter
  4. Efficient usage of available and leftover nutrients such as Nitrogen
  5. Soil tilth and loosening through the Nuseed Carinata extensive root system
  6. Provides an off-season pollinator food source
  7. Reduction in nematode population


If you’re looking for more information about our products, please visit our resources section where you can find annual seed trial data, product guides, herbicide information and our annual Nuseed Succeed Magazine.  

Management Recommendations

Tip & Tricks for carinata growers:

  1. Nitrogen fertilizer recommended as per soil test requirement to a maximum of 80 lbs/ac actual N
  2. Seeding rate of 4-5 lbs/acre recommended
  3. Organic manure provides positive response to yield
  4. Seed at 1/4 to1/2 inch deep with row spacing of 7.5-15 inches
  5. No-till or min-till system is recommended for best establishment
  6. Allow for maximum growing time by seeding as early as possible after primary crop is harvested
  7. Utilizes existing equipment for planting and harvesting
  8. Planting date targeted at September 1 to November 1

Seed Characteristics​

Variety Type: Hybrid

Plant Height: 50 Inches +/- 5 Inches

Petal Color: Pale Yellow

Target Yield: 1 500 lbs/ac

Plant Structure: High Branching, high Biomass, Large Lower Leaf Size

Days to Flower: 100-120 Days After Planting

Flowering Duration: 4-5 Weeks

Days to Maturity: 155-170 Days after Planting

Disease Ratings: Blackleg (R); Sclerotinia (M)

Herbicide Tolerance System: Non (Conventional)

Pod Shatter Tolerance: Very Good

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