Sunflower Plantability Keeps Getting Better

Sunflower seed is a living organism, produced just months in advance of sales. Because of that, seed quality is subject to the year’s environmental conditions. For example, a tough seed-growing season might mean under-sized seed, more challenging for the farmer to plant.

Seed treatment packages that help sunflower growers ward off diseases, improve germination and get the crop off to a good start have traditionally left sunflower seed sticky and clumpy, decreasing the ability of the seed to flow easily through planters.

Not to mention sunflower seeds themselves come in many sizes depending on the hybrid, and even seed shape can vary. All of these factors can inhibit seeding precision and lead to one of the top yield limiting factors in sunflowers – not achieving a uniform stand.

Which is exactly why Nuseed is pursuing cutting-edge seed coating technologies, says Garrett Driver, Nuseed Supply Chain Manager. Nuseed’s goal is to ensure their growers receive the uniform, easy-to-plant seeds they expect no matter what seed treatments are applied, what seed size growers prefer, or the conditions when the seed was grown.
USA_Garrett Driver
To that aim, the more options the better, Driver says.

“We’re working on the cusp of new technology that exists in the seed treatment and polymer world,” Driver explains. “Having different treatment options is really about providing more confidence in the supply chain of seed to a grower and ultimately, confidence in the growers’ experience with what they’re purchasing.”