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The right hybrid for every field and every market

Whether you grow for oil, dehull, or confection there is a Nuseed hybrid right for every field and every market. Developed in the U.S. and proven under local conditions for top performance.


Nuseed oil hybrids deliver high-performance agronomics, yield and top end oil content.  Select from hybrids with downy mildew resistance (DMR), or one of three different herbicide tolerant traits depending on your weed challenges.


Choose Nuseed conoils for their higher yield and oil content than confection types, and excellent marketing versatility. Sell to dehull or kernel, oil, confection, and bird food markets depending on processor requirements.


Grow Nuseed confection hybrids for exceptional plant health, plus the size, kernel weight and uniformity desired by processors.  Contact your local processor for contract opportunities.


2020 USDA Crop Insurance Planting Maps

The final sunflower planting date shown on the maps is the last day that a grower can plant the crop and still get full coverage.  After the final planting date the coverage is reduced by one percent per day and the actual final date that the crop can be planted and is anywhere from 20-25 days after the date listed on the map depending on the county.

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