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The Farmer Plays Their Part in Planting Success

Nuseed has been working hard to improve the plantability of its sunflower seeds through seed coating technology and they can even give growers the proper disc sizes and air settings for their seed based on the hybrid and lot number. But farmers have to do their part to make sure their equipment is in working order, Olson says.

Seed plates shouldn’t be worn. That can result in not enough pressure to keep the seed in the right place or holes too big, allowing more than one seed through at a time.

Often farmers will say they only have 2,000 acres on their planter. But by 2,000 acres, plates are starting to get worn out, says Trygg Olson, Nuseed Field Sales Manager.

“Make sure the plates are right, even if they have to take their plates into their local dealer and run a test on them, or just get new plates. It’s easier to have everything said and done before we start planting than to be in the middle of the field and have issues,” Olson says.

It all comes down to getting the best stand of sunflowers possible.

“Our goal is to help the farmer get the best singulation they possibly can,” Olson says.

Get your sunflower crop off to a great start for an even better finish.  More sunflower and canola planting tips and tricks at https://nuseed.com/us/getting-off-to-a-great-start/.