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Three Cheers & Years for Nuseed Carinata U.S. Contract Production

As the third season of Nuseed Carinata contract production begins in 2024, the non-food, certified sustainable Brassica carinata, is proving itself following over a decade of research showcasing its soil benefits as a cover crop in the southeast United States.

In that time, global interest in its harvested oilseed has surged as a promising low-carbon oil feedstock to replace petroleum fuels now for immediate emissions reduction for hard-to decarbonize sectors, like aviation. Being drop in ready, it provides a clear carbon reduction advantage by not requiring the replacement or retrofitting of current fleets.

CANADA Graham Collier

Graham Collier, Ph.D., Nuseed Carinata’s Global Lead of Product Success, underscores the opportunity for growers presented by the contract production of this low carbon bioenergy feedstock. “It’s a practical opportunity for growers to be rewarded for regenerating soil, protecting nature, adopting sustainable practices and helping reduce, remove and restore carbon to mitigate climate change,” Collier says.

This resilient crop is poised to revolutionize the bioenergy landscape, offering a dedicated non-food industrial feedstock for biofuel production, grown between main crop rotations to avoid displacing food crop production, while also yielding a valuable co-product in the form of a high protein meal for livestock feed. When crushed to extract its oil, the remaining Nuseed Carinata meal provides a new source of high protein for animal feed. Its non-GMO status opens doors to European markets.

For information on Nuseed Carinata production contracts go to NuseedCarinata.com or scan the QR code.