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Top Eight In-Season Control Tips

July 3, 2020

Top Eight In-Season Control Tips

Sunflower growers are getting ready for in-season pest control.  Here’s a quick reminder, and links to helpful information from NDSU, on the top eight in-season considerations to controlling weeds, insects and disease to maximize your yields at harvest.

  1. Scout after in-season herbicide application to confirm control of target weeds
  2. Scout before bloom for rust to manage it in-season
  3. Apply fungicide at R-5 state on crops infected with one percent or more sunflower rust on upper four leaves
  4. Use integrated pest management strategies for optimal insect control. Correct pest identification is key. Scout fields weekly for pests in-season. Scout fields more often (2X/week) as key pests come into critical windows based on an insect scouting calendar
  5. Follow correct scouting protocols and base insecticide application decisions on economic thresholds
  6. Seed-boring insects can be controlled with insecticides during the bloom stage
  7. Avoid spray drift
  8. Always follow registered label instructions

Download the Succeed magazine for more information on growing, harvesting and storing sunflowers; see page 35 for a helpful season-long production checklist.