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2022 Canola Seed Supply Update

8 December 2021

With the canola harvest well underway in many parts of the country, we wish to provide an update on our canola seed supply position for 2022 to help growers with crop plans.

Production update

Nuseed significantly increased production volumes on a number of key hybrids for the 2022 cropping season to meet potential market demand. A range of factors, including the high commodity price for canola and positive climatic conditions across much of Australia’s cropping regions in 2021, has resulted in unprecedented demand for canola seed for 2022.

The production of our commercial seed is undertaken in a variety of global locations to help mitigate any impact from local conditions; this includes production sites in Australia, the US and South America. As per our communication to the market in October, one of our US production sites experienced a significant number of days with extreme heat that impacted the production of HyTTec Trident and led to unavoidable seed shortages.

Once this issue emerged, Nuseed quickly responded by planting additional production crops in a different region to assist in maintaining an adequate level of canola supply across our portfolio. Unfortunately these were not HyTTec Trident due to parent seed availability, but we understand the responsibility we have to Australian canola growers to supply seed for your cropping programs, especially when conditions are in favour of a significant return on your investment.

HyTTec Trident position & alternative products

Nuseed has been working with seed distributors to manage order allocations of HyTTec Trident seed based on anticipated supply levels.

Where a seed supplier is unable to fulfill a grower’s order of HyTTec Trident from their allocation, Nuseed is able to offer alternative products from our portfolio, including HyTTec Trophy, ATR Bonito, ATR Stingray and our new OP TT variety ATR Bluefin. We’re confident that while not all growers may be able to obtain the full quantity of their first choice of variety, they will have options for a suitable alternative.

We encourage growers to contact their preferred supplier to confirm their seed requirements for 2022 as soon as possible as Nuseed doesn’t have input into supplier’s allocation of our varieties to their grower customers.

Supply of other varieties

We are currently working with our channel partners to confirm orders for the 2022 cropping season, and firming up our final supply volumes as production crops are harvested and quality tested. This quality testing takes many weeks and is undertaken to ensure only excellent quality seed is supplied for sowing. Due to our stringent quality testing our complete supply position in relation to our order book will only be known by the end of January / beginning of February 2022.

At this stage, we’re still evaluating any impact to our production crops from recent high rainfall patterns in the Eastern states. As soon as we know if there are any issues that may impact on supply, we will communicate with channel partners and growers directly, as we have in the past.

We understand growers’ frustrations with the current ordering process and we continue to find ways to balance the requirements of all elements in the supply chain, including seed production, processing and packaging, shipping, and seed distributors, so we can meet growers’ supply expectations. We are currently working with channel partners on 2023 demand projections in order to fine tune our production targets well ahead of time.

Thank you

We understand that supply issues are an inconvenience to growers and seed distributors and we apologise for any disruption to your 2022 plans. We’re committed to providing you with high performing canola varieties that are suited to Australian conditions along with timely supply and product information.

We wish you all the best for the remainder of harvest, and thank you for your support.

If you have any questions please contact your seed supplier or your local Nuseed Area Sales Manager.