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Nuseed Eagle TF

A TruFlex® hybrid suited to mid to high production zones

Nuseed Eagle TF

Nuseed Eagle TF is a mid maturity TruFlex hybrid that shows top of the table yield and oil performance making it the variety of choice in mid to high rainfall zones.

Nuseed Eagle TF gives growers confidence with extremely good early vigour and biomass, increasing IWM for enhanced weed control.

Nuseed Eagle TF has performed outstandingly well with yield and oil in mid to high rainfall zones around Australia.

With a strong disease package to defend the top class genetics, Nuseed Eagle TF is a resilient performer that is an easy choice.


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Seed Disease Resistance

Blackleg Rating*: R
Blackleg Resistance Group: ABD
* 2022 Spring Blackleg Rating Bare
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Seed Treatment

2023 Seed Treatments:

Poncho® Plus & ILeVO®

Cruiser® Opti & Saltro® Duo

Poncho® Plus & Saltro® Duo

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Management Recommendations

Recommended Target Yield: 1.5-4.0 TNS

Seed Agronomics​

Maturity: Mid
Height: Tall
Oil: High
Seedling Vigour: 8
Rating scale: 1 poor – 9 very high
Standability: 8
Rating scale: 1 poor – 9 good
Alternative to: Nuseed Condor TF, Pioneer® 45Y28, InVigor® R 4520P


TruFlex® canola is a second-generation weed control trait utilizing the herbicide glyphosate. New advances in trait technology helps enable better weed control and crop safety compared to Roundup Ready® canola. It’s a combination that could result in higher yield potential at harvest time. TruFlex canola gives you weed control flexibility by offering higher rates and a wider crop window in which to spray glyphosate.

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