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About Nuseed Australia

We're Australian,
just like our seed

The Nuseed story began in the heart of Australia’s grain growing country, so we’re deeply connected with the needs of Australian farmers.

Since that first seed was sown in 2006, we have grown into a global seeds business with Nuseed germplasm now planted by farmers across the globe. In Australia, our dedicated crop breeding teams work with the best available genetics to produce a pipeline of varieties that perform in Australia’s tough conditions. Globally, we specialise in three core crops so we can offer growers competitive agronomic and yield performance: canola, sorghum (grain and forage) and sunflowers.

Nuseed Innovation Centre, Horsham

At our state-of-the-art Innovation Centre in Horsham, Victoria, our R&D team works hard on developing new canola varieties to give you more choice in your cropping program, like our new triazine tolerant hybrids now available under the HyTTec® brand. We’re also one of the only seed companies in Australia still developing new open pollinated TT varieties, because we know they’re an important part of many growers’ crop plans. And we’re working on some exciting new projects that are going to offer plant-based solutions to some pressing consumer needs as part of our BEYOND YIELD™ strategy. You can learn more about that here.

Top quality production crops

To make all of our new and innovative varieties available for growers, we have a highly experienced production team who are responsible for managing large scale crops that produce high quality seed. They keep a very close eye on these crops throughout their lifecycle to ensure that all Nuseed seed meets the very high standards our customers expect.

Helpful and friendly service and support

As well as the expertise in our crop breeding teams, we’re also very proud of our immensely dedicated customer service, logistics, quality assurance and business services teams who make sure our seed is thoroughly tested and quality checked before it goes into the bags that are delivered to your seed supplier and make their way to your farm.

Local Nuseed representatives

And we also have a team of friendly regional and area sales managers who are on the ground in your area to help with any questions you might have about any of our products. 

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Rachel Palumbo

General Manager, Nuseed Australia

“My family have a vegetable farm, so I grew up in the horticulture industry and I have worked in ag for over 13 years. The work we do in ag today makes a difference to tomorrow, and there’s a need for continual innovation as we apply the latest developments in science to feed a rapidly growing population. I am particularly excited by the opportunity to bring sustainable plant-based solutions to the market, and delivering new innovations and value to our farmer customers.”

Tara King

Customer Experience Lead

“The best part about working in ag is that it’s so varied all year around and it’s great to see so many exciting changes in the industry. The team at Nuseed is very supportive and working here challenges me to think outside the box in how we can take customer service to the next level. I’m very proud of the way my team works positively together to constantly improve our service to customers, and it’s exciting to see how technology advancements can enhance this.”

Daryl Scollary

Business Services Manager

“I enjoy working in ag because we can help make a real difference to the productivity of Australian growers by supplying quality seed products with improved genetics and performance. At Nuseed I get to come to work with some incredibly loyal team mates and we have plenty of fun along the way. I’m looking forward to seeing how ag will continue to evolve in seed technology and farming systems – we have exciting times ahead and I’m proud I can contribute. “