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HyTTec® Trophy

A highly-adaptable hybrid TT canola with top yield performance

HyTTec® Trophy

HyTTec® Trophy is your top pick for early-mid maturing hybrid TT canola.
If you’re looking for a proven performer, HyTTec Trophy has form in the field.
HyTTec Trophy is an early-mid maturing canola which has shown exceptional yield performance against both current hybrid and open-pollinated TT varieties. HyTTec Trophy was among the highest yielding in early-mid season triazine tolerant trials and continues to perform strongly in National Variety Trials across Australia.
HyTTec Trophy combines hybrid seed traits such as strong early vigour, a strengthened disease resistance package, superior yield performance and the value of the Triazine Tolerant herbicide system.
An EPR (End Point Royalty) of $5 per tonne (ex GST) applies to HyTTec Trophy.


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Seed Disease Resistance

Blackleg Rating*: R

Blackleg Resistance Group: AD

* 2023 Spring Blackleg Rating Bare

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Seed Treatment

2024 Seed Treatments:

Cruiser® Opti & Saltro® Duo

Poncho® Plus & Saltro® Duo

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Management Recommendations

Recommended Target Yield: 1.0-3.5 TNS

Seed Agronomics​

Maturity: Early-Mid

Height: Medium-Tall

Oil: High

Seedling Vigour: 7
Rating scale: 1 poor – 9 very high

Standability: 7
Rating scale: 1 poor – 9 good

Pod Shatter Tolerance: S
Rated from Susceptible to Tolerant using our proprietary shaking methodology

Alternative to: ATR Bonito, InVigor® T 4510, Hyola® Blazer TT

Triazine Tolerant

Triazine Tolerant (TT) canola was the first herbicide tolerant type in Australia and has been consistently adopted by growers for its high yield potential, blackleg resistance and excellent weed control. TT canola is tolerant to the triazine herbicides: atrazine (ATR), simazine (SIM), propazine (PRO) and terbuthylazine (TBA).

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