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Canola Seed Supply Update for 2023 Cropping Season

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With the 2022 winter crop harvest getting underway we want to update growers on the progress of our canola production crops for your 2023 planting.


How we’re producing your canola seed this year:

We are expecting canola seed demand for 2023 to remain high while the canola commodity price and growing conditions are predicted to be favourable.

We have listened to growers’ feedback on the challenges from the 2022 season. From this input and our own learning we have evolved our production plans on several fronts. Our aim, as always, is to supply our top-performing canola seed to as many Australian growers as possible.

Some highlights for 2023:

  • Production volume: We have planted our biggest ever production crop this year to supply seed for your 2023 orders.
  • Geographic spread: Our production crops are sown across a wider geographic spread in Australia and overseas to protect against local weather events. We’re able to use Nuseed resources and partners overseas to bolster our seed supply, delivering you the same high quality as our Australian-grown seed.
  • Additional seed processing: We have engaged additional processing partners to increase the throughput of cleaning, treating and packaging so we can get seed to our channel partners and onto your farms even more quickly.
  • Extra warehousing and direct imports: For growers in WA, we have secured extra warehousing capacity and can now route direct imports into WA from overseas production crops, reducing our freight time to meet your earlier planting window.

To learn more about our hybrid seed production process, take a look at a short animation that explains how it is managed differently to the canola crops you grow in your paddocks.

How our hybrid production crops are progressing:

Overseas production crops:

  • Harvest of our production crops in North America is almost complete with our first shipments on the water.
  • Pandemic-driven logistics challenges seem to be easing; for example vessel waiting times at key US ports this year are about half of last year.
  • When the seed arrives in Australia it will then go through Australian quarantine, Nuseed’s stringent QA process, before being treated and packed then shipped out to stores from February 2023.

Australian production crops:

  • Australian production crops are finishing their flowering phase and bees are completing their pollination work, subject to favourable weather conditions.
  • We won’t know yields for local production crops for a while yet as harvest is predicted to be late this year.
  • Any impact from the current floods in Eastern states will take a number of weeks to be assessed.
  • HyTTec Trident: lower than expected yield due to unfavourable pollination conditions is likely to impact production volumes.

We are working with stores on supply across our portfolio so please talk to your local store for any questions about your seed orders for 2023.


Nuseed Condor TF

Since the introduction of Nuseed Condor TF in 2020 it has, unfortunately, proven to be very difficult to produce. Consequently, the decision has been made to withdraw Nuseed Condor TF from the market.

We aim to convert as many existing orders as possible for Nuseed Condor TF to Nuseed Eagle TF. Our Area Sales Managers will be in contact with affected stores to discuss this.

If you were planning on growing Nuseed Condor TF in 2023 please talk to your seed supplier about swapping to Nuseed Eagle TF, or another suitable variety.


Thank you

Thank you for your ongoing support of Nuseed’s canola varieties, bred right here in Australia for Australian growing conditions.

Please reach out to your local seed supplier or Nuseed Area Sales Manager for more information at any time.

We wish you all the best for a safe and successful harvest.

New varieties for 2023

We’re pleased to be releasing three new varieties for 2023 to offer you even more variety choice for your cropping program.

You can find more information on each variety by clicking on the product name to view full agronomic information, trial results and downloadable tech sheets.

  • HyTTec Velocity*: Our earliest maturing hybrid TT with improved harvest management
  • Nuseed Hunter TF: Get an early head start with a quick growing TruFlex® hybrid
  • Nuseed Eagle TF: A TruFlex® hybrid suited to mid to high production zones

As this is the first year of release, production quantities of these varieties is constrained by the available volume of parent seed. So we will be allocating available seed to stores in the most suitable growing zones. Your seed supplier will be able to let you know if they have seed of these varieties available.

* A reminder that the EPR on all HyTTec hybrid TTs has been reduced to $5 per tonne for the 2022 harvest.


OP TT varieties

Based on the current progress of our open-pollinated TT production crops we anticipate plentiful supply of all our top performing OP TT varieties.