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Conventional Hybrid Canola

Hybrid vigour for effective weed management

If chemical tolerance for weed control isn’t a factor in your cropping program, our conventional hybrids are your best choice for yield performance.

Hybrid conventional canola is a high yielding option for those who don’t need chemical tolerance to control problem weeds. Hybrid technology creates highly vigorous varieties, utilising crop competition as part of your IWM (integrated weed management) system.

Our varieties:

Variety Bag Size Maturity Type Blackleg Rating Resistance Group Height Alternative To
Nuseed Quartz 20kg Mid F1 Hybrid R ABD Medium AV Garnet, Hyola® 50, Victory® V3002
Nuseed Diamond 20kg Early F1 Hybrid MR ABF Medium AV Garnet, Hyola 50, Victory V3002