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February 2023 Canola Seed Supply Update

Update for canola growers


With the 2023 winter planting season not far away we would like to update you on our canola seed supply situation as it currently stands.


Hybrid canola seed supply


The majority of our production crops are now harvested, and are well on their way through our testing, processing and packing procedures. We’re very pleased with how harvest finished after the unseasonably wet end to the year in Eastern Australia.


We have been working closely with our distributors to manage our order book in the lead up to the 2023 season and have made some improvements to this process to provide more transparency as our production crops have been progressing. As a result, we have been able to align demand and supply more accurately than the previous year, meaning growers will receive more Nuseed product for the 2023 canola season.


As we have previously mentioned, we do not have any input into how stores allocate their supply of seed to their grower customers. If you have any queries about the status of your seed order, please contact your retail outlet.


A significant proportion of our hybrid seed production has completed quality assurance testing, and our first shipments were dispatched from our warehouse earlier this month.


Further deliveries will be dispatched to stores as seed batches are treated and packed.


Storage of seed bags prior to sowing


As mentioned in our previous supply updates, an easing in the pandemic-driven logistics challenges of last year means that we will be able to deliver seed earlier this year to many locations, so you are likely to have your Nuseed canola seed on-farm earlier.


The Nuseed canola seed provided to you by your seed supplier has passed our rigorous Quality Assurance process to protect the genetic purity and seed quality. Storing your seed bags properly prior to sowing will help to ensure that your seed performs as expected in the field.


Some key guidelines include:

  • Store your seed bags in an area where they will be dry and cool.
  • Ensure your seed is kept away from external heat sources or hot building walls.
  • Store seed away from chemicals, especially herbicides.
  • Keep your seed bags away from direct sunlight, dark storage is preferred.
  • Store your seed bags off the ground’s surface, eg on pallets.
  • Use an area that is pest and insect free or use suitable baiting.

Refer to our tech note for more information: click here

Hybrid canola seed size research


At Nuseed we often get asked about seed size in canola and why sometimes there is large variation in seed size. So, is seed size an important factor to success in canola management? If it is, would the additional costs associated in achieving this be warranted?


We’ve written a tech note that summarises the latest research. To learn more click here .


Our Quality Assurance process


We produce our seed in batches of 10,000 kg, based on the location of the production paddock. Every batch of seed goes through a comprehensive QA process to ensure you receive the genetic purity and seed quality you expect.


We have produced a short video that explains this process in more detail. Learn more here.


Supply of open pollinated triazine tolerant varieties


All OP TT varieties have met our production targets, so we have plentiful supply of all varieties.

We continue to invest in the development of open pollinated triazine tolerant varieties as we know that this is an important option for many growers.


For details on our OP TT range please click here.

Thank you


Thank you for your ongoing support of Nuseed’s canola varieties, bred right here in Australia for Australian growing conditions. 

Please reach out to your local seed supplier or Nuseed Area Sales Manager for more information at any time.


We wish you all the best for a successful 2023 season.