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HyTTec® Hybrid TT Canola

Your new breed of TT

The top choice for canola growers – hybrid TT canola from Nuseed, your TT specialists.

HyTTec combines hybrid seed traits, including early vigour, a strengthened disease background, and excellent yield performance, with the herbicide tolerance benefits of the TT system.

We help you balance the front-end investment in hybrid seed by taking a different approach, offering our HyTTec seed for less upfront, with an End Point Royalty (EPR) at harvest.

If you’re a canola grower looking to upgrade your returns, go with the breeder who has a vested interest in your success.

HyTTec delivers:

  • Hybrid advantages of early vigour and yield
  • All the existing herbicide tolerance benefits of TT varieties for the same reliable weed control
  • A new option for your cropping program
  • The confidence of growing seed from the TT specialists, with a lower upfront cost

Our varieties:

Variety Bag Size Maturity Type Blackleg Rating* Resistance Group Height Alternative To Seed Treatments
HyTTec Trident 20kg & 250kg Early  F1 Hybrid R AD Medium-Tall ATR Bonito, InVigor® T 4510 Cruiser Opti, Maxim XL, Poncho Plus**, Saltro Duo.
HyTTec Trophy 20kg  & 250kg Early-Mid F1 Hybrid R ABDF Medium-Tall ATR Bonito,
Hyola® 559TT, InVigor T4510
Pioneer® 45T01 TT
Cruiser Opti, Maxim XL, Poncho Plus**, Saltro Duo.
HyTTec Trifecta 20kg  & 250kg Mid F1 Hybrid R ABD Medium-Tall ATR Wahoo, Hyola 650TT, Pioneer 45T03TT Cruiser Opti, Saltro Duo.

*2020 Blackleg rating bare. To view the latest GRDC Blackleg management guide click here

**Poncho Plus is not available in the 250kg Bulka bag.

An End Point Royalty of $10 per tonne (ex GST) applies to HyTTec varieties.

Available seed treatments: Fungicides – Saltro Duo & Maxim XL. Insecticides – Cruiser Opti & Poncho plus. For the most up to date information in your region please contact your local Nuseed representative.