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HyTTec® Hybrid TT Canola

Your new breed of TT

Canola growers now have even more variety choice with the release of HyTTec® – a new breed of Hybrid TT Canola from Nuseed, your TT specialists.

HyTTec combines hybrid seed traits, including early vigour, a strengthened disease background, and excellent yield performance, with the herbicide tolerance benefits of the TT system.

We couldn’t be less upfront about our Hybrid TT Canola

We understand why some growers might be hesitant to try a hybrid so we’re taking a different approach to traditional canola hybrids. We’re offering our HyTTec seed for less upfront plus an End Point Royalty (EPR) to help you tackle one of the biggest hurdles.

If you have already tried a TT hybrid, or if you’re an OP grower looking to upgrade, go with the breeder who has a vested interest in your success.

HyTTec delivers:

  • Hybrid advantages of early vigour and yield
  • All the existing herbicide tolerance benefits of TT varieties for the same reliable weed control
  • A new option for your cropping program
  • The confidence of growing seed from the TT specialists, with a lower upfront cost

Our varieties:

Variety Bag Size End Point Royalty Maturity Type Blackleg Rating Resistance Group Height Alternative To
HyTTec Trident 20kg $10 per tonne (ex GST) Early (4) F1 Hybrid R ABDF Medium-Tall ATR Bonito, InVigor® T 4510
HyTTec Trophy 20kg $10 per tonne (ex GST) Early-Mid (4) F1 Hybrid R-MR ABD Medium-Tall ATR Bonito,
Hyola® 559TT, InVigor T4510
Pioneer® 45T01 TT