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Get a kick in the bottom line, grow Monola

With secure market options and attractive premium payments*, Nuseed Monola® delivers an even healthier bottom line.

Monola oil is a healthy alternative to cooking oils that have high levels of saturated and trans fats.

Nuseed is focused on the continual improvement of Monola varieties that provide gains to growers, coupled with our commitment to offering healthy canola oil solutions to the food industry and consumers.

Monola variety options for planting in the 2022 season are new release Monola 422TT, Monola 420TT and Monola H421TT.

  • A healthy alternative for you and your bottom line
  • All the crop rotation benefits of canola
  • With herbicide tolerant options
  • And defined market options for extra security
  • Plus premium payments* to boost your profit
  • Opportunity to support your local community & sporting group

2022 Premiums*

  • Monola growers in Victoria will receive a premium payment* of $100/mt at harvest.
  • Monola growers in NSW will receive a premium payment* of $10/mt** for being a Registered Sustainable Grower plus $80/mt* for yields up to 2t/ha then for additional yield above 2t/ha a premium of $55/mt will apply.

* A minimum fatty acid profile is required to meet Monola specifications as per the Monola Grower’s Contract.

** To receive $10/mt growers will be required to be registered as ISCC Sustainable through the NGR. Premiums to be based on the non-sustainable Track market. 

Download 2022 Victoria Monola Guide

Download 2022 NSW Monola Guide

2022 Monola Delivery Sites


Proposed delivery sites, subject to change.