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National Crop Agronomy
Trial (CAT) Program

On-farm demonstration strips by growers, for growers

When we talk to growers we often hear that it’s a challenge figuring out which new variety is going to be the best fit for their farm. We know that making the decision about which seed to plant is critical to getting the best return out of your crop – after all, you only get one shot at planting each season. How do you know what’s really going to work best in your paddock?

To help make that decision a bit easier, we have introduced a comprehensive on-farm demonstration trial program called ‘Nuseed Crop Agronomy Trials’ or Nuseed CATs for short. The Nuseed CAT program gives you a great opportunity to see how our new varieties perform in your area, and you get a first look at the developing releases in our pipeline.

We partner with growers who plant, manage and harvest their CAT demonstration strips in their fields using their own equipment to get the most realistic growing conditions. We measure and record information such as sowing times, fertiliser and herbicide application, and weather conditions, and assess yield and oil performance at harvest.

The results are available to local growers and agronomists so you can see how varieties perform on a large scale, under local conditions.

If you grow canola and would like to participate in the Nuseed CAT program, or see a CAT in your local area, speak to your local Nuseed Area Sales Manager.

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In addition to CAT data and paddock observations, the innovative NuSTEP tool was developed by Nuseed to compare the performance of Nuseed’s canola varieties with alternatives, using the combined power of National Variety Trial results and our field trial results.

NuSTEP can generate customised reports showing average yield or gross income comparisons. For further information about Nuseed’s CAT program and NuSTEP or to discuss which variety may be best suited for your local conditions please contact your local Area Sales Manager.

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